Report: Players and Coaches Ripped into Josh McDaniels Before Firing – NBC Sports

Report: Players and Coaches Ripped into Josh McDaniels Before Firing - NBC Sports

Players and coaches reportedly ripped into Josh McDaniels at a team meeting before the Patriots fired the offensive coordinator earlier this week. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the players and coaches had become increasingly frustrated with McDaniels’ play-calling and the lack of progress on the offensive side of the ball.

The Patriots had been expecting more from their offense this season, especially with the addition of wide receiver Antonio Brown, but the team’s offense has struggled to find its footing and has been unable to make up for their lack of a running game.

McDaniels has been with the Patriots since 2012, and in that time the team has won three Super Bowls and made five appearances in the championship game. However, the team has failed to make the playoffs for the past two seasons and McDaniels has come under criticism for his play-calling and lack of progress.

The players and coaches had clearly had enough, and their feelings were made clear in the heated team meeting before McDaniels’ firing. It was not a shock to many that McDaniels was let go, and his firing has sent a clear message that the Patriots expect more from their offense.

The Patriots have brought in Bill O’Brien as their offensive coordinator, and the team is hoping that O’Brien’s experience and knowledge will help their offense get back on track. The team is also betting on O’Brien being able to get the most out of their quarterback, Tom Brady, who is in the twilight of his career.

The Patriots have made a big move by firing McDaniels and bringing in O’Brien, and now it’s up to the team to prove they made the right decision. It’s a high-stakes bid for the team, and the pressure is on for the Patriots to prove they made the right call.

The Patriots can only hope that O’Brien is the answer to their offensive woes, and that he can help the team get back to its winning ways. It’s a high-stakes hell of a situation for the Patriots and their fans, and only time will tell if it pays off. For now, all we can do is click our fingers and wait for the results.






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